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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work on the day?


Natural, real shots are my favourite! I set up as little as possible - this is because in my experience, as soon as you know a camera is watching you, you tense and lose yourself.  The best films come from moments when you aren't aware a camera is on you. I work alongside your photographer, remaining in the background and I just let you enjoy your day. 

Do you have a second shooter?


Currently I am a solo wedding videographer, but if this is something your day will require then it's certainly something we can look into.

Are you insured?


I am insured and always happy to show my documents when required. I would always encourage anyone to take out wedding insurance.


How long is our wedding film going to be?


This is very dependant on the day but can range from 45 - 90 minutes long.  You also get a highlights film which is 3-5 minutes long.

Is there a contract?


There is, which is there to protect myself and you. This is sent via email and is asked to be signed and returned along with the 10% deposit to secure your wedding date. The remaining balance is then due 6 weeks before your wedding.


Should we feed you on the day?


If you would like to feed me that is very kind and I will be very grateful, however if that is not possible please let me know so I can bring my own food.


Do you do photography as well?


No I'm afraid not, however I can recommend a number of fantastic photographers who would be very happy to have a chat with you.

Can we meet?


Absolutely! It's incredibly important to feel comfortable with all the suppliers you book as they are very much a part of your day. I'm very happy to meet before, or FaceTime if a meeting isn't possible.



When will I receive my wedding film?


Post Production can take quite some time, there's a lot of editing involved and a lot of watching everything back multiple times. I aim to deliver your film by 12 weeks after your wedding date, however this can take longer. These things can't be rushed so please be patient and I promise it will be worth the wait!